Monday, June 01, 2020

the insight of Wretchard the Cat

Richard Fernandez (a.k.a. Wretchard the Cat on Twitter) is often quoted with respect on Instapundit. Here's a recent tweet of Wretchard's—regarding the ongoing, suspiciously coordinated riots in the US—that made its way over to Glenn Reynolds's blog:

I'd say that that insight ought to be stapled to the stupid skulls of every rioting (and/or scheming) liberal out there, but there are a few Never Trump conservatives who also need a sharp, metallic reminder that they were wrong in 2016 and are still wrong now. Only pride keeps them from shifting position. I can be prideful, too, but in my defense, I tried to avoid that sin in the political arena by publicly admitting my huge mistakes. He who does not bend in changing circumstances will only break. You can't fight the Tao.

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