Thursday, February 21, 2019

catch-up viewing: more WTI

Man, I'm loving this We the Internet channel. The best weapon in a verbal battle is always humor. I'm in catch-up-viewing mode right now, so even if it hurts your eyes, I'll likely be dumping more of these WTI videos onto the blog for the next little while.

November 2018:

A few "don'ts" for Democrats if they're hoping to win back more of the government:

February 2016:

The left was vociferous about protesting US military action when Dubya was president. What happened? No love for Obama, a.k.a. President Drone Strike?

June 2017:

For the economics-challenged—here's why a $15 minimum wage isn't viable:

Sure enough, businesses across the country have been firing staff in states where the wage hike has been implemented. What's better: being at a low-paying job from which you can eventually ratchet upward, or having no job at all? If you're unable or unwilling to answer that, then don't be surprised as more and more workers get replaced by automation.

WTI also lampoons the right. Here's their take on open-carry folks:

Humor for everyone.

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