Monday, February 04, 2019

if you fall down, get up

Life isn't about just rolling over and playing dead, right?

So, no: I may be down, but I'm not out. I'm going to reschedule my walk for this coming weekend, which will arrive right after the mere two days of work that we do at the office this week (Thursday and Friday). This new attempt will be only a 60-kilometer walk, not a 120-kilometer one. In the end, something is better than nothing, and unless Nature messes with my life a second time, no rain is currently being forecast for the weekend.

So I'll do the two-day walk past Hanam City and out to Yangpyeong City with relatively little equipment; I'll stay overnight in Yangpyeong on Sunday night. Then, early Monday morning, I'll walk out to the local train station, train back to Seoul, and go straight to the office with no one the wiser as to where I've been. I arrive at the office late in the day, anyway, so it ought to be easy to get there by my usual arrival time.

Mother Nature might actually be messing with me still: the weekend is currently forecast to be cloudy and gloomy; come Monday, when I'll be done with my walk, things get sunny.

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