Monday, February 04, 2019

wicked, tricksy, false!

You don't need to watch this video all the way through to get the idea. Two minutes ought to be enough to piss you off. Click "mute" so you're not further riled by the obnoxious music. What I found educational, though, was how many famous brands engage in this dirty practice. Even my beloved Lindt! Oh, the feeling of betrayal...

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Charles said...

I don't even have to watch that to be pissed, because I have seen this nonsense so many times. My personal pet peeve is bacon. We always try to buy the leanest bacon we can find, and the slices are invariably arranged to show the most meat, with the fatty parts hidden behind the labels. (Although HJ recently stumbled across a very lean bacon akin to what Brits call "back bacon," except it's made from the front leg. It also doesn't have any nitrates in it, so, bonus!

But, yeah, deceptive packagers can go screw themselves.