Sunday, July 22, 2007

Harry Potter: done!

I'm not a fast reader, so I pretty much had to devote almost two days to getting through over 750 pages (I bought the US version of the book; here in Korea, the US and UK versions of the Harry Potter series are sold side by side).

The wave of book-buying continues worldwide (as you can imagine, this book has been #1 on's list for months, thanks to the miracle of pre-ordering), so I can't let out any real spoilers. Perhaps in a month or two, after I've read the book again, I'll write a bit more about it. For now, the important questions are whether I'd recommend the book and whether the book was a worthy finish to the series.

Yes and yes.

Now I can start answering all those neglected comments and emails...


1 comment:

Sean said...

the only comment I can make with out giving too much away is three words.

high body count.