Monday, July 30, 2007

scenes from a Saturday

I know I promised pics from the bazaar, but I've been lazy about uploading them. In the meantime, my buddy Tom was kind enough to send me his digipics from this past Saturday's shindig at my buddy JW's house.

The first pic was Tom's idea-- Tom is addicted to cell phones, and it's frustrated him to no end that I've been hard to contact for a year. I've enjoyed his frustration, but now, those halcyon days are over. On Saturday afternoon, before we went to JW's house, the three of us (Tom, JW, and I) went to an LG Telecom office and got my phone number switched over from the old phone to this newer phone. Tom wanted to capture the moment for posterity, so here we are.

The rest of the pics are from inside JW's house. JW's son Ji-an is about ten months old. Not pictured: Tom (who took the pics) and JW's wife Bo-hyun.



Anonymous said...

I don't know what that is on the plate, but, WOW, it looks good.
Now, I'm hungry!

Kevin Kim said...


It started off as an Italian salad and got bigger from there as I built it.

We've got sliced mozzarella and Italian tomato surrounded by tuna and sprinkled with radish sprouts and sliced olives, all on a bed of spinach leaves. The dressing is (1) my homemade pesto (the green stuff) and (2) a drizzling of olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

It was pretty good.