Friday, July 20, 2007

the wuss-out

I was supposed to hit Bukhansan with Sperwer again this morning, but decided to cancel. I had intended to buy a new pair of boots to "hold me over" for today's walk, but I didn't leave the office until late last night and didn't buy the footwear (my battered pair of boots are being repaired, but I was told to pick the boots up on Friday afternoon, which would have been too late for today's hike). While I imagine that Bukhansan is, for the more athletically inclined, hikable without hiking boots, I wasn't about to risk the abuse to my feet and ankles that would have resulted from a climb in running shoes. So I sent Sperwer a text message around 5:10AM to cancel, and followed that up with an explanatory email. Since I'm already up, I'm going to hit the Smoo gym when it opens at 7:30AM to alleviate some of the guilt.

Shit, I'd better get moving.


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