Friday, August 27, 2010

bad math

According to a recent news article, former GOP Senator Alan Simpson wrote the following in an emailed reference to Social Security: it's "a milk cow with 310 million tits!"

An advocacy group is calling for the ouster of former Sen. Alan Simpson, the co-chairman of President Obama's bipartisan debt commission, who described Social Security as a "milk cow with 310 million tits!" in an email.

If "tit" means "person" in this metaphor, then since almost 100% of the 310 million people in America have two tits, shouldn't that read "620 million tits"? Or if we assume that "tits" meant a cow's teats, shouldn't that be "1.24 billion teats," given four teats per udder?

I'm trying to imagine a cow with 310 million teats. It sounds like something you might find in statue form at a Hindu temple.


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