Saturday, August 14, 2010

calling all historians

Our family is in possession of an old, old book of illustrations titled Tennyson's Heroes and Heroines. Inside the book is a note and autograph by one Charles Hugo, dated December 25, 1893. The note reads simply, "With kind regards and best wishes, from yours Sincerely."

Delighted to think that I might be in possession of a signature from a member of the Hugo family (Victor Hugo did have a son named Charles), I began researching Charles Hugo online... and immediately discovered that the signer of our family's book was not that Charles Hugo. Victor Hugo's second son died of a stroke in 1871, making it impossible for him to have left an 1893 autograph.

So la question se pose: which Charles Hugo might this be? Just some vague and obscure Charles Hugo, or another Hugo of some renown?

UPDATE: A Google Timeline search produces some interesting possibilities.


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