Friday, February 01, 2019

condom in a wind tunnel

The Slow Mo Guys have created material for a YouTube Premium show called "Planet Slow Mo," and you can't see these videos if you're not a subscriber.* What I've done below, though, is give you a hint of the guys' latest shenanigans, which involved using a wind tunnel for their super-slo-mo filming. They splash water on each other, lean into the wind, and even try attaining a seated position so as to appear to be resting in an invisible chair. And finally, they pull out a condom to see, first, what happens when you simply expose the condom to wind (the result is... massive); second, they discover what happens when you use a condom as a makeshift sail while you're lying on a skateboard in high wind. Enjoy.

*I could be wrong, though: this might not be Premium content, in which case non-subscribers will be able to see it just fine.

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