Thursday, January 31, 2019

Ave, John Mac!

Much of life is about besting yourself, for as long as you're able to do so.

John McCrarey writes a post about two personal victories, one in darts and one in trailblazing. While I'm very happy for his darts victory, I'm way happier to see what seems to be, for the moment, an end to John's ongoing, and often frustrating, trailblazing saga: for the past little while (weeks? months?), John has been determined to find a loop* trail that starts and ends at his neighborhood... and it appears that, after much trial and error, he has, at long last, found a path. I have no right to be, but I'm proud of John for having toughed it out and having found his damn trail. I'm happier today as a result. Good for you, John. Good for you.

*In the comments section of his own blog, John tells me the path isn't a true loop, although it seems to me that it's pretty close.

1 comment:

John Mac said...

Wow! Appreciate that, Kevin. And all this time I thought I was walking alone! Cheers!