Friday, December 31, 1999

...and can you guess what these are about?

Here's another set of images that I did for my friend. Can you guess the idiomatic expressions they represent? Good luck!

Answers (highlight to see):

1. kangaroo court

2. taste of your own medicine

3. you are what you eat

4. under a cloud


John Mac said...

Good stuff, especially the first one. I would have never got the second one--I didn't consider the contents of the cup to potentially be medicine. The third one worked for me, but I might suggest making the pickle being consumed a little larger/more obvious. Of course, not everyone is as dimwitted as me, so take it as you will. The fourth one works as is, but for me, my first thought was "hey, that looks like Kevin Kim!"

Nice job!

Kevin Kim said...

The pickle is actually a jellybean.

Charles said...

Wow, I didn't get any of those. Especially the last one. I didn't even know that was an idiom. I've heard of "under the weather," but not that.

Kevin Kim said...

Yeah, he's talking about "under a cloud of suspicion."

Charles said...

Ah, I see. That makes more sense.