Friday, November 08, 2013

from the cafeteria

Here's what I ate on October 29. Not too shabby:

The soup seems to be trying to move in three different culinary directions at once. I couldn't identify it. There's a chart at the cafeteria's entrance that proclaims the day's meal, but I didn't bother to read it before opting for this menu item. (The cafeteria normally offers a "Course A," which is more of a buffet-style, dump-all-you-can-on-the-tray menu; and a "Course B," which is more like a menu prix-fixe. Course B tends to be more carby, whereas Course A tends to be stocked with food I don't generally go for—bone-filled fish and the like. Occasionally, I'll choose Course A, but for the most part I go with Course B, which is what you see above.

My side dishes are kimchi, some sort of fried... something, and spicy spinach (I think). The fried squares are what caught my eye, but even after having eaten them, I have no damn clue what they were. Were they cheese? Tofu? Ddeok (rice cake)? Fish paste? Flavorless meat? No idea. And they were cold to boot, which sucked. Nothing more depressing than cold fried food.

But the soup was delicious.


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