Saturday, November 09, 2013

from the kitchen: November 2

I showed the above "semi-homemade" jjajang-myeon pic to some students, who shot me quizzical, betrayed looks. You see, normally, the julienned cucumbers that you place atop these Chinese-style noodles in black-bean sauce aren't seasoned with red pepper. I, on the other hand, find most jjajang-myeon to be frightfully bland without the addition of some sort of spiciness. So I julienned a cucumber (with a knife; I have no mandolin), tossed it with the remains of my apple-cider vinegar, some sugar, some garlic, and some gochujang (red-chili paste). Et voilà.

Jjajang sauce packet: W950
One cuke: W750
Noodles: about W400
The look on my students' faces upon seeing my monstrosity: Priceless.

A two-dollar meal.


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hahnak said...

in nowhere to hide (1999. 인정사정 볼 것 없다), i saw that apparently some people sprinkle gochuggaru on top of their jjajangmyeon.

that doesnt sound too bad. but i think adding your oi muchim sounds far tastier.