Thursday, November 07, 2013

Pohang Trip, Part IV: along the coast to King Munmu

The next phase of our October 26 journey took us out of Pohang (I'm still going to call this a "Pohang Trip," so bear with me) and along the coast to the offshore grave of King Munmu, who was the first king of Unified Silla, ascending to the throne after General Kim Yushin's defeat of Baekjae General Gyaebaek in 660. (To put this in perspective: Unified Silla arose about three decades after Muhammad had unified the Arabian peninsula.) Before we reached Munmu's burial site, we stopped near a river, goggled at drying squid, and messed around on a rock outcropping (Charles deftly, I clumsily).

As always, hover your cursor over the images to see the captions, and click on the images to magnify them and scroll back and forth through the slide show.

(As a courtesy to Charles, I've "mosaicked" out the license plate of his car.)

And that's the end of this batch of pictures. Stay tuned for more soon!



Elisson said...

"We can Pohang together, or, most assuredly, we will Pohang separately." - Benjamin Kim

Charles said...

Pohanging separately is not fun, from what I have heard.