Friday, December 26, 2014

can I endure?

Christmas has come and gone, and I managed to do 26K steps of walking on a day when I had projected doing only 25K. Despite that minor victory, I have to admit that piling on the steps, over the past few days, has been extremely tiring. From December 1 to December 21, I averaged only 8,122 steps per day. On any given day, I did no more than 15,500 steps, and on my worst day, I did a measly 4,373 steps.

On December 22nd, however, that changed: once finished with my school-related paperwork, I began long-distance walking with a vengeance and managed 36,030 steps. On the 23rd, I did 36,925 steps. On the 24th, I managed 29,034 steps. That's a three-day average of 32,007 steps per day... and that's hard to maintain. I have another three days in a row of 35K-step walks ahead of me, but I'm becoming exhausted, and doing these walks in cold weather has been no picnic. A cringing part of my brain is ready to concede that salvaging December may be a lost cause. Still, I'm going to attempt the full 35K on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Won't be easy, won't be pleasant, but it has to be done if I'm to beat my November record.


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