Friday, December 26, 2014

no, I can't

The spirit is willing, but the flesh... well, the flesh is too damn weak. I think, friends, that December is just going to have to be chalked up as a loss on the walking front.

I backslid this month, and have only myself to blame. Theoretically, I still have a chance, even as I write this, to get out there and do a six-hour walk, but the fact is that I just don't want to. Brother Ass, as Saint Francis referred to his mortal body, is sometimes stubborn, and I think my body is currently telling me ¡No mas! after several days in a row of averaging 30K steps (roughly 16-17 miles per day). So my planned 35K-step walk goes out the window, and I'm no longer all that worried about how few steps I walk for the remainder of December. Come January, I can try again.

Instead of walking six or seven hours in the cold, then, I'm just going to kick back and enjoy myself today. Yesterday was good insofar as I went out for a rib-sticking galmaegi-sal dinner with my good buddy Tom, but yesterday was also depressing as I'm dealing with a family crisis about which I can't write publicly. Today, I'm going to try to have fun, spend a bit of my hard-earned cash, and forget my troubles for a while.

To distract you, then, from my lack of walking exploits, I now slap up a picture of the expensive Samcheong-dong chocolatier where I had that magnificent cup of hot chocolate and those divine, supernal truffles. It's a place called Cacao Boom:

Super expensive, but worth trying at least once.

Enjoy the holidays.


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