Sunday, September 04, 2016


While that number, 37634, looks like the number of steps I might walk on one of my megawalks, that's actually my wait-list number to sign up for, the free-speech alternative to Twitter. Gab isn't advertising itself merely as an alternative site for conservatives who feel put-upon by Twitter's censorious conduct; it claims to be open to all comers, and it aggressively promotes the idea of free speech, however politically incorrect it might be. No censorship on Gab... or so it's promising for now. We'll see how things go in a few years.

The site, as my buddy Mike informs me, is still in its beta phase, so I don't expect to be doing much there until (1) my wait-list number comes up, and (2) the site itself adds most of its Twitter-like features. Once I have more information and have set up an account and profile, I'll get back to you with a way to contact me on Gab.

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