Friday, September 16, 2016

and how's your Friday going?

Happy post-Chuseok!

I decided not to head out to Incheon. Seemed silly to go all that way just to eat a few mandu, however hwadeok-y they might be. Instead, I'm at my place, cooking up a very nice fettuccine Alfredo—the classic version with Parmigiano, not my usual faux-Fredo with bleu or Gorgonzola. (Truth be told, I like my faux-Fredo better than the classic version, but today, all I've got is Parm, and I have no desire to head out to Costco to buy Gorgonzola.)

So I'll eat. I'll reread some more of the fifth novel of A Song of Ice and Fire. I'll take a walk tonight. And that, good gentles, will be my Friday. What are your Friday plans?


Charles said...

Just finished looking over an extremely frustrating novella translation. One more short story to look over in this collection and then I will be done with it (for now).

Heading out to the 재래시장 to pick up some meat for a shindig at HJ's father's place over the weekend. I'll be in charge of whipping up the rub for the meat and putting together a cake for dessert.

John Mac said...

An abbreviated river walk, pulled pork from the crockpot, and drinking tonight. Thanks for asking!