Saturday, September 10, 2016

the check-up

I'm off to the doc for my now-monthly check-up. He's normally open on Saturdays until 1PM; I'm hoping he's open today, even though this is the Saturday before Chuseok. If not... I'll try again on Monday in the hopes that he's not taking an early vacation.

More news later.

UPDATE: blood pressure is the same (borderline high, but not enough to alarm); blood sugar levels made the doc smile in satisfaction (significantly lower since last month); urine-sample results, as always, remain a mystery. I never hear how the urine applies to my health (I assume it's to measure urine-glucose levels); it could be that the doc is asking for my urine just to fuck with me.

Today, I felt guilty because the doc went on at length about his storied career, starting thirty-five years ago, back when he was a much younger man with big dreams. I caught enough to know that his tale spanned several continents, involved unscrupulous politicians and administrators, ended in some sort of failure that led him to be where he is now instead of where he'd hoped to be, and chronicled the deterioration of his English skills... but because I understood only thirty percent of what he was saying, his story was essentially lost on me.

I got my month's worth of meds and left. The front-desk ladies chided me for showing up too late: the doc's new Saturday hours end at noon, not at 1PM. I'll be on the alert in October.

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