Saturday, September 02, 2017

a tale of two Kevins

You really can see it, can't you. I only just thought to do this comparison:

Look at those faces: these really are two different men. The first guy has that stupid, dunno-wut's-comin' look on his mug. By contrast, the other guy has the air of a man who's seen it all and been annealed by the experience. I don't want that guy to go away; I really don't. But he's gonna slip away if he remains trapped in an office—that I guarantee.


TheBigHenry said...

The do rag adds a touch of sagaciousness.

Anonymous said...

The last selfie in a shirt and tie shows the day 26 guy is still there. I had been tempted to comment on it, but you captured the essence of my proposed comments today.

Kevin Kim said...


I was worried the rag might be too tight around my head. Heh.


Yeah, he's still here... I think. We're monitoring him closely to make sure he doesn't go anywhere.