Tuesday, September 05, 2017

a terrifying love letter to the French language

Watch and cringe as Chef Ben shows the world how little French he actually knows:

I don't know why it was billed as a "battle," given that it was more like a rout. Not even a rout, really: the idea was that the French chef would call out instructions to Ben in French, so this wasn't about two chefs each making their own version of a French dish. For my money, the most cringe-inducing moments came whenever Ben would mis-hear the verb cuire (cook) as the noun cuillère (spoon). Ben also had trouble with poivron rouge, i.e., a red bell pepper; in addition, he couldn't figure out un plat rond (a round baking dish). Work on your French, Ben! The guy was speaking very slowly and clearly. (One final nitpick: the video's thumbnail, as you see above, says "Le Ultime" when it should say "L'ultime." Hélas. Then again, since illiteracy in French was part of the comedy, the "le ultime" might have been deliberate.)

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