Monday, September 11, 2017

ambitious food

I'm sick (was sick all weekend) and seriously thinking about not walking along the creek tonight, so I don't feel like blogging. Here, to distract you, are two videos from Binging with Babish,* a channel devoted to replicating food that appears in movies. Both of these are amazingly ambitious creations, and even though I'm a bit queasy right now, I know I'd want to devour both of these scrumptious dishes in a heartbeat were I well.

First is a survey of foods from "Game of Thrones":

Next is a glorious monstrosity called Il Timpano:

*I wish he'd spell it "Bingeing," with an "e," but "Binging" is a legitimate spelling, unfortunately, so I'm cursed to hear the word in my mind as rhyming with "ringing."

UPDATE ON TOMATILLOS: the boss has relented on his obsession with green sauce, so I'm now free to re-create the enchiladas from before, with standard red sauce. This comes as a great relief, as red tomatoes are far easier to find than tomatillos.

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