Tuesday, September 12, 2017

weird ad

I'm aware that some online ads are generated by "bots" that put together an image with the ad text. Most of the time, the picture matches the text in theme and tone, but every now and then you get an ad like this:

Not sure that that works, guys.

That said, Koreans (is the young lady in the above image Korean?) are more likely to use tears in their marketing: TV commercials routinely show people biting into fried chicken with tears streaming down their faces, or somber scenes of weepy family conflict, or tears used to humorous effect. It's not the sort of thing that would work well for American audiences, who might find themselves put off, or at least made uncomfortable, when confronted with the appearance of raw emotion. But you don't come to Korea for humorous cynicism, subtle sarcasm, or snide irreverence: this is the land of earnest emotion, deep and sincere feeling, and the operatic grand geste. So don't be surprised if you find yourself watching a TV commercial in which tears are flowing. This is the Land of the Mourning Sob, after all.

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John Mac said...

I can't discern the currency she's holding. It's similar in color of the Korean 50,000 note, but it appears to say 20,000.

Maybe she's crying about being paid in counterfeit money?