Monday, September 18, 2017 je dis "non" à la marche

After having looked more closely at the 66-kilometer route from Anseong to my apartment in southeast Seoul, I've decided to nix the walk. At least half of the walk appears to be a major roadway, and I can't tell, from the satellite imagery, whether that roadway has sidewalks. With my spider sense tingling, I'm left with no choice but to say no to walking north from Anseong.

Out of pure stubbornness, I looked at an alternate route: walking northwest to Osan, which is practically next door to Anseong, then shooting straight north along what I had hoped would be some established bike paths. I looked at the Osan-Seoul bike route that Naver laid out for me, but while it appeared safer than the Anseong route, it also looked ugly as hell—nothing but urban blight all the way up to Seoul. So, no: I won't be walking an Anseong-Osan-Seoul route, either.

I do still plan to skedaddle from the event as soon as possible, though. This will likely mean walking into town and grabbing an inter-city bus back to Seoul.


John Mac said...

Yeah, I think that is the right call. I avoid the highways as much as possible on my daily walks. I learned you can be walking down a sidewalk on a busy road and then all of the sudden the sidewalk ends and you are forced onto the shoulder with traffic whizzing past. Not cool!

Charles said...

Hooray! Kevin lives to walk another day!