Thursday, September 07, 2017

building fire

There was apparently a fire in my apartment building around 4AM this morning. My coworkers, most of whom are also housed in Daecheong Tower, told me about it. They said there was an alarm wailing inside, and there were fire trucks and ambulances outside. The fire broke out on the seventh floor, which is the floor above me. The room in question wasn't anywhere near my side of the building, though, and I slept through the entire incident. This morning, while I was still mostly asleep, there may or may not have been a knock on my door. If the knocking did happen, it's possible that this was related to the night's fire.

Anyway, everyone's alive and well. I don't know what happens next. At a guess, there's no need to relocate, so I think things will go back to normal, except for whatever repairs will need to be made on the seventh floor. Was it a major fire? A minor one? How extensive is the damage? No idea. I'll find out more tonight when I talk to the lobby guards.


John Mac said...

So had it been more serious you may have slept permanently. I'm not a light sleeper but I don't think I could sleep through a fire alarm.

Glad you are around to write about it!

Kevin Kim said...

Thanks. I, too, am happy not to have been turned into crispy bacon.

I'm not sure there was any alarm on my floor. I spoke with the lobby guard about what happened, and he noted that the sprinklers went off on the seventh floor. Nothing happened on my floor.

There had indeed been a knock on my door: when I got back home last night, there was a message taped to my door saying that someone had come by to inspect my room for fire-related leaks, and they would come back later. The note also said to call the electrician's office when I got home, so I did. The electrician asked me whether there were any more leaks (he knew me from having worked on my circuit breaker), and I said no. He said there was no need for him to come visit my place, and that was that.

Here's hoping there's never a fire on our sixth floor!