Friday, September 29, 2017

last day of work for a while

Chuseok break begins tomorrow for us proles. It continues into next week and lasts through Thursday, October 5. We work a single day, on Friday, and then we have a three-day weekend thanks to Hangeul Day on the following Monday, October 9. Many of us are miffed that the company is doing this: ideally, we ought to have Friday the 6th off as well so as to have a solid block of ten days off. But the word from on high is that we have to come in on the 6th, so we'll drag ourselves to the office and have ourselves an unproductive day.

Tonight, I do a standard creekside walk. Tomorrow (9/30), I'll be attending my cousin's wedding. I've withdrawn W300,000 that I'll be stuffing into a white envelope and gifting to the happy couple. After the wedding, I'll be back at my place and girded for a megawalk to practice for my Incheon walk. That'll be a good five hours' schlepping. On Sunday, I'll be resting. On Monday, I'll sling on my backpack, slide on my toshi, don my bandanna and hat, take up my trekking pole, and start west for Day One of a four-day walk out to the Ara Seohae Gapmun Injeung Senteo, i.e., the Ara West Sea Lock Registration Center, out at land's end. I'll be picking up stamps along the way, even before I reach the sea.

I noticed, in looking at the map, that Day 2 of my walk is going to be a bear: there are no motels close to the water, so I have to backtrack 7 km inland to find a place to sleep. But what seems like a disadvantage on Day 2 becomes an advantage on Day 3, as my walk that day will be a few kilometers shorter. Day 4, by contrast, will be the same as Day 1.

It's nice to have Chuseok plans for once. I normally spend the big Korean holidays avoiding my relatives, but this year, I've got an actual reason to avoid them.

I wonder whether a winter walk is possible. That may be asking a lot, though.


Charles said...

Doesn't your company kind of have a history of screwing you over when it comes to public holidays and such, though? Everyone else is touting it as a ten-day break, from what I hear.

Kevin Kim said...

"Everyone else is touting it as a ten-day break, from what I hear."

Yes: everyone except our company, which does indeed have a history of messing with holidays for shitheaded reasons.

John Mac said...

Yeah, that makes no sense. Your company is definitely an outlier. Surely someone there must be smart enough to know that bringing folks back in on Friday is pointless, little will be done work wise I'd wager. It is especially irksome because if they wanted to fuck with you at least they could have done it on 2 October so you'd have an uninterrupted break from work.