Friday, October 30, 2020

color me skeptical

Saw this from a commenter at Instapundit:

The question "Where's Hunter?" has been asked and re-asked multiple times over the past week or so.  If the above claims are true, this is huge news, but I have my doubts.  Back in 2016, this sort of anonymous tip was a popular thing to quote, but I lost all trust in these supposed tips when one such entry predicted in late 2016 that Bill Clinton was at death's door and "would not last the year."  This was obviously based on photos of Clinton at the time, which showed a pale, emaciated ex-president who did indeed look kind of sickly.  As they say:  if you're going to lie, lie big.*  I think that's why people keep snapping up these anonymous rumors:  the rumors play to people's wishful thinking and, being completely unverified, have little to nothing to do with reality.  So color me skeptical—radically skeptical—until I get outside confirmation that Hunter Biden is indeed being grilled by Bill Barr et al. and has "flipped," giving all sorts of damning information to the GOP just to spite Daddy.

*You might say that a prediction isn't a lie:  at best, it's a misguided statement based on erroneous information.  I counter that there's something mendacious about making sure-sounding predictions based on little to no evidence.  Think you can't lie about the future?  How about, "Your loved one is going to be just fine"?  That might be an expression of optimism, or it might be an outright falsehood uttered by a doctor who knows better.


John Mac said...

Well, as I understand it that photo of Bill Clinton was taken shortly after he accidentally saw a naked Hillary exiting the shower. It's a miracle he did survive.

But yeah, I don't buy the Hunter story either. If he were in custody it would have leaked by now. It won't matter after Tuesday.

Horace Jeffery Hodges said...

No, no! It's all true! And Hunter still owes me 45 million dollars!

Jeffery Hodges

* * *