Saturday, October 31, 2020

the walking never stops

I'm back from a segment hike with my buddy JW.  Today's walk was the second-to-last piece of the puzzle as JW looks to complete the 120K axis between Incheon and Yangpyeong.  This was a 15K stretch that took us from Gyeyang Station, by the Ara Canal, all the way west to the Ara West Sea Lock (아라서해 갑문).  It was only 13-ish kilometers from Gyeyang Station to the start of the Four Rivers bike path, then another 2 kilometers up the road to the nearest subway stop:  Cheongna International City Station.

Over the years, I've taken so many pictures of this portion of the walk that I wasn't motivated to take many pics today.  Here are the few that I did take:  

A metaphoto of JW taking a photo:

JW strikes a pose at the trail's official starting point:

Full-frontal JW:

My Jeonju bibimbap meal at the rest stop that sits at the beginning of the Four Rivers path.  Two days in a row of bibimbap won't make me tired of the dish:

Next week, JW and I will do the segment from Hanam City to Yangsu Station—the final piece of the puzzle, the last link in the chain.  Meantime, I'm seeing about having a special plaque made for JW to commemorate his achievement.


Daniel said...

Love the meta photo of a photo! JW's 떡볶이 looks appetizing. Are you a fan of 육회 비빔밥 or 육회 in general? (맛집 recommendations to follow)

Kevin Kim said...

Am more a fan of things like 물회 than of 육회, but I'll eat 육회 if it's offered to me, and tartare in a bibimbap is fine, although not my top choice.

John Mac said...

I'll look forward to introducing you to my favorite trails here someday. I confess to being envious of JW's good fortune...