Wednesday, October 28, 2020

video dump: random election-related thoughts

This video is definitely worth your while:

This one is a reminder not to heed the biased polls: to do so would be to rehash 2016:


John Mac said...

So, what do you think the outcome will be? I get not trusting the polls. I guess I'm kind of on the fence. I want to believe the American people are not so stupid as to elect an empty suit like Biden. But then again, when I see the idiots currently occupying our Congress I'm not so sure. I'll cop to having a sick feeling in my stomach about the possible outcome but I have nothing really to base that on other than fear.

Kevin Kim said...

I'm confident of a Trump win. There might be some litigation in the same vein as what happened in 2000, but I don't think the problem's going to be anywhere near as pronounced as some people fear it will be. Because I watch Tim Pool and other alt-media folks, I know that (1) the pandemic is even putting pressure on people who want to vote by mail, and (2) some early mail-in voting results seem to indicate that Trump is benefiting from the mail-in ballots. This attempt at cheating by the left-Dems isn't going to yield the results they're looking for, and I think it's safe to say we're in for a massive display of the Trump Effect, i.e., the blowback that occurs when the left tries to screw Trump over. As Pool says, Republican voters are primed to "crawl over broken glass" to get to the voting booth, and the in-person vote will be massively in favor of Trump thanks to the riots, to Joe Biden's stated agenda (which includes destroying the oil industry, similar to how Hillary went after the coal miners), and other dumbfuckery by the left. I suppose there's a small chance the "margin of fraud" might be wide enough to create an upset, but I'd put that chance at under 10%. We'll know more in less than a week, eh? Me, I've already voted, so my thinking is that it's in God's hands now.

Kevin Kim said...

Just saw this on Instapundit:

"The Philly Riots Could Throw Pennsylvania to Trump"

(You might need to subscribe to The Spectator to see the article. Subscription is free and can be canceled.)

John Mac said...

I look forward to your "I told you so" post next week!