Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Anything Goes Wednesday: I, Klingon

Boorish Klingon behavior catches Kirk's attention!

Professor Kirk Larsen writes in to protest the unfairness of the sidebar logo for his very informative blog, It Makes a Difference to the Sheep:

Dear Kevin,

This is an official protest of the unjust treatment my blog has received by way of your sidebar logos. The Marmot gets an evil-eyed but very cool rodent, Oranckay gets Arnold, Flying Yangban gets, well, a Flying Yangban, many others get insightful, artistic or witty (or a combination of all three) logos, and I get . . . bestiality. It was probably naive of me to not expect some to think along those lines even though the name actually came from an innocent Stan Freberg comedy routine. I also thought the name an appropriate metaphor for blogging in general: the sheep (e.g. the masses) writing about what is interesting or important to them rather than what old fashioned big media determines to be interesting or important.

If I promise to never post anything about Hello Kitty ever again, is there any way you could make a new logo, one that I wouldn't be embarrassed to put up on my blog (after all, my mother reads the thing from time to time)?


Kirk W. Larsen

Kirk, to be honest, I thought your blog's title was the punchline of a dirty joke. For me, rolling around in the gutter as I do, it was hard to see your blog's title any other way, which made that image, or something like it, inevitable. The present logo would be even better if I had room for a speech balloon so the sheep could shout, "Thank God! It's RIBBED!" or "Damn, you-- are-- HUGE!"

Wait a second. Your mother reads your blog?

Ohhhh, that's low, Prof. Larsen, bringing your mother into this, laying on the guilt.

I feel like a shit because I promised myself I'd change logos without question if people complained, but I really like the current logo. So here are two possibilities for discussion:

1. I leave my logo on my blog and design a new logo for you to use on your blog. That would be my preferred solution. It presumes that your mother doesn't read my blog; an educated guess since you never blogrolled me, damn your eyes.

2. I scrap the current logo, design a new one, and we both use that one. I'll be more amenable to this solution if your mother also reads my blog.

I imagine there are other possibilities. You could, for example, design your own logo (I highly, highly recommend getting a copy of Adobe Photoshop Elements for this; it's cheap and powerful software). Or you could outsource to someone else, though they'd probably bend you over and demand pay. All I want is a listing under "Foul-mouthed Expats" on your sidebar.

(I need to see a shrink about why I'm always rude to professors.)

A request: please tell me more about that Stan Freberg comedy routine. It'll help me figure out how to redo your logo. The upshot of all this is that you WILL get a new logo for your blog, but I'm hesitant to scrap the image on my own sidebar. If you feel my sidebar needs to be changed, then I will, with much weeping and gnashing of teeth, make the change. Thanks for writing in (heeeeeeeeey, I thought you were in a crunch period and unable to write these days!), and I look forward to hearing from you again soon.



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