Friday, March 26, 2004

quick housekeeping notes

UPDATE, 11:30PM: Just got back from my 8-10PM class, which is across town. I think we're going to have to save Rescherian orientational pluralism for next week.

1. I'm off to Japan for the weekend, starting Saturday. Blogging will be light to nonexistent.

2. The family minivan was declared totalled, and a check was cut and sent to the parents, who have used the money as a down payment on a spanking new Honda Odyssey minivan. Dad sends his thanks to all the folks who contributed, and it's my understanding that he'll be sending you a personal thank-you note (this is what I'm hearing from my brother David).

3. Later today (Friday), I'll probably deal a bit with Nicholas Rescher's orientational pluralism, which lies at the heart of S. Mark Heim's neo-pluralistic answer to John Hick.

4. I get the creepy feeling (cf. previous post) that, somewhere in cyberspace, an image of my face is being passed around a giggling circle of college women.

5. Like Allahpundit, Lorianne seems to feel a little funny in the pants. It was only a year or two ago that I learned the female equivalent of the expression "sportin' wood."

Sportin' hood.

That, friends, is deliciously pink and vivid.


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