Tuesday, March 09, 2004

le parcours des blogueurs

je blogue
tu blogues
il blogue
nous bloguons
vous bloguez
elles bloguent

il bloguait
nous avons blogué
bloguer, c'est méga-chouette
elle n'a aucune intention de cesser de bloguer
on adore bloguer, même en se branlant
tout le monde a son putain de blog
nous sommes tous bloguériens
blogué soit qui mal y pense
l'blog, c'est moi
qui blogue tout pardonne tout

[with sincerest apologies to John Eckard; I had to get the above out of my system]

I hope Richard isn't pissed with his new logo on my sidebar. I found the pic for the world-famous Duck Chang's restaurant, which is the arguable inventor and/or popularizer of Peking Duck. Then I thought to myself, "You know, this photo would look much more exciting if we had Pinhead from the Hellraiser series serving the duck. Along with one of his victims, of course."

Richard notes that hope for China's "new and improved" openness grows dim.

Justin is worth $30.

Spam meditation and scary fuckin' topiary at Justin's brother's blog.

Over at Gweilo Diaries: Bad news for cunnilingus lovers who tongue too many crotch notches. And check out "An Min Goes Ape."

Hat tip to Anticipatory Retaliation, who links to this essay by a woman who's spent many years in France but is now having her doubts about les Français. AR also provides another crotch-related link here.

Ryan explores interesting parallels between gay marriage and Irish divorce. He's also pumped about the upcoming Buddhist Studies conference. I can only envy him.

The very conservative Bird Dog at Tacitus writes on the newly-signed Iraqi Constitution... and the evil that is John Kerry.

Happy Blogiversary, Annika!

one year at your blog
putting up with guys who shout,
"Come on! Flash dem tits!"

Annika rated "Obi-wan Kenobi" when she took the Star Wars test. I rated Qui-gon.

Dan Darling on the hijab question (among other things).

A paper by Dr. Bill Vallicella: "In the Absence of Knowledge, May One Believe?" This is relevant to some of the same epistemological issues I've dealt with (superficially) in my posts on Alvin Plantinga and Philip Quinn.

KBJ receives a letter constructing a case against Christianity. The argument against a God who allows his own son to be brutally murdered is a familiar one; I don't really dispute it because my own problems with our theological imagery-- and the question of how literally to take it-- have led me to become a nontheist (NB: not atheist!). The letter also speaks at length to the issue of the unverifiability of Jesus' existence, but it may be overstating the case. There is indeed a school of thought that forcefully questions whether Jesus existed, and their central argument is a good, scientific one: we have, at present, no direct evidence for the historical Jesus. But in the wider scholarly world, this school of thought isn't that prominent. It might become so; who knows?

But what happens if we find Jesus' body?

Read Tom Robbins's Another Roadside Attraction for the answer.

I'm sure the Maximum Leader has seen this. I saw this a while ago myself, but Jay writes a fun post about the Shakespearean insult generator and lists his three faves:

Thou churlish beef-witted foot-licker!
Thou art so leaky that we must leave thee to thy sinking.
Methinks thou art a general offence, and every man should beat thee.

I love "beef-witted." Quite redolent. But first prize goes to the third quip, which I think would serve well as a Naked Villainy tag line. In my mind, I hear this line being uttered by a thoroughly drunk Peter O'Toole. Try it out in your head:

Methinks thou art a general offence, and every man should beat thee.

The story of Lorianne as laid out in her blog is an interesting one. Having read through her archives from the beginning, I thought for a while that I was seeing a sort of gleeful morphing from Jekyll to Hyde as the "fuck" word count began to spike in more recent blogs. But Lorianne is in the final stages of her doctoral career; at the same time, she's an English teacher, journalist, naturalist, writer, blogger, wife, and of course, Zen teacher-- all these obligations doubtless weigh on her and produce a certain nuttiness during crunch periods. My own academic experience was filled with punchy moments, and I think a blog is the perfect place to give those moments voice. Lorianne gets back to original form in her most recent blog, but check her out in these two posts.

In that last link, Lorianne talks about "Kill Bill," which I have yet to see. I wrote about Tarantino (and David Carradine, and Bjork) here; my own take is very different from Lorianne's. Vive la différence! God bless variety! Variety is what makes my underwear skid marks endlessly fascinating.

Steven Den Beste captures why I can't stand Kerry. I don't love Bush, I don't love Nader... I'm probably going to vote for Daffy Duck-- but Kerry must not be allowed to wrap his moldy dick around the neck of American foreign policy.

We here at the Hairy Chasms like our posts chunky-style, so it was with some regret that we noted the Maximum Leader's new "short blogs" program. The ML's (and his guest posters') long essays on history and politics are some of the main reasons why I visit his blog-- along with the old, cobwebbed Mafia-loyalty that comes from knowing Mike since we were both 8 years old. I'll take this moment to express a fervent wish that, assuming the ML has the time and inclination, he will break away from the new program now and then to publish much lengthier screeds.


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