Wednesday, March 10, 2004

quand Mamadou aime... Mamadou coupe

Sorry. The above is a punchline to a French joke I heard from my Swiss "brother" long ago. But it may be applicable here.

Lorianne writes the following:

It's not like Kevin himself isn't prone to such wild juxtapositions: this is the man who writes thoughtful ecumenical musings, insightful analyses of world politics, etc, then mixes them up with wickedly bawdy bits about John Kerry's affection for sheep (?) and Howard Dean's resemblance to a huge erect penis. (Actually, I can't read Kevin's site at school any more: it's just too damn embarrassing trying to explain to a newly-arrived student--or Department Chair--why you have a huge erect penis on your computer.)

We aim to please, so I've redone one of the "Deanis" cartoons as an example of what you can expect from now on. I think this will make my blog work-safe for you. No student need know that you spend your office hours looking at cartoon porn.

Please scroll down to see the proposed tasteful change.

Does this work for you, Lorianne??


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