Monday, December 19, 2005


Went to church for the first time since I got home. Was delighted to see that, instead of a sermon, we congregants were treated to a play. The cast was pretty large; almost a fourth of the congregation was on stage. Being a veteran of such plays myself, I found it interesting that, at age 36, I'm now one of the adults who sits in the pews, smiling, laughing, and clapping appreciatively as the performers do their thing. The little kids-- who'd obviously worked hard at memorizing their lines-- were most memorable, though some of the adult cast members came close to stealing the show.

In accordance with the prophecy, I gave my talk during the "Issues and Concerns" period-- my listeners had plenty of questions about Korea, but many of them centered on the negatives, especially the military situation*. I also got questions about Korean teens, the Korean education system, and the pitfalls of ESL teaching. In all, a productive 45 minutes.

*My congregation, partly as a function of being located in northern Virginia, always has a large military contingent: heads of families who work for the Pentagon or State Department, etc.


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