Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Mom makes the Korean news

Well, the local Korean news, anyway: Mom called me downstairs a few minutes ago, and we watched the local Korean news on cable TV. Sure enough, her society's Christmas party was featured about halfway through the broadcast and got a surprising 2-3 minutes of coverage. Plenty of Mom shots-- she looked comfortable at the podium. There was also a brief shot of the DJ doing his thing, and the final shot in the piece was a 2-3 second look at my brother David.

They did manage to feature about one full second of the back of my head. Just now, Mom looked at me mournfully and said, "I'm sorry they didn't show your face, Kevin," and I smiled and said, "Nah; it doesn't matter." I don't think I'm all that photogenic, anyway.

It was cool that Mom and David got their moments in the spotlight. My own moment came long ago.



Maven said...

See, I live vicariously thru your blog (and a few others) and I am always jazzed to read when a favored blogger gets recognized in public by their adoring readership. I remember you running into some guy who recognized you from your site. To me, that would have been the moment:)

Anonymous said...

That's strange - I had no idea someone had filmed me. Even more strange - I noticed that I was naked halfway through the dinner part of the program.

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