Sunday, December 11, 2005

Gethsemane: the day before it all happens

[A note to the confused: I'm currently in northern Virginia, but my blog posts are still using the Seoul time stamp. Subtract 14 hours from the time on this time stamp to have a clearer idea of when I'm posting.]

Today (Saturday), I'm going with my mother to a meeting of her Korean-American society: final prep for the Christmas party tomorrow.

We'll hash out details for several hours (I'm going to assume five or six hours-- will be happy if we boil it down to three or four), then tomorrow is the party itself, and I'll be emceeing. We might have some pics of the event, so I might slap an image or two of the party on the blog.

I note with interest that the recent post of mine re: Narnia seems to have generated far more than the normal number of comments (the normal number tends to be zero or one)-- many thanks to Maven, Lorianne, Charles, and Nathan for providing their perspectives.

I'm also hoping to take pictures of the inflatable Christmas lawn ornaments, which seem to have multiplied in the few days I've been here. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that inflatable lawn ornaments are the #1 carriers of avian flu, that they cause cancer and are also responsible for any downturns in the American economy.* They do seem to be shrouded in a thicker-than-usual nimbus of the dark side of the Force.

*I hear we're experiencing something of an upswing-- an economic erection, if you will-- which may puzzle economists partial to my Inflatable Lawn Ornament Theory of fiscal crisis. This might bode well, or it might simply mean that the lawn ornaments have turned their evil attention elsewhere. When they focus on the economy once again, as they are sure to do in the coming months, we can expect the return of fiscal flaccidity, and even impotence.


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