Saturday, December 03, 2005

food poisoning update

My coworkers are still alive, which is a good sign. All of them report "munjae-eopda" ("no prob") about the taco salad.

I checked my site traffic a day or so ago and saw that the illustrious Mike Gilleland of Laudator Temporis Acti ("a praiser of times past," his banner tells us) had written a hilarious post about my situation. Here's the short, substance-free version of what he wrote:

By constant exposure to his own food, BigHominid could be immune from any of its ill effects. Mithridates the Great (120-63 B.C.), king of Pontus, also known as Mithridates VI Eupator Dionysus, gave himself poison in small doses, which supposedly immunized him against larger amounts.


In reality, I'm sure BigHominid's taco salad was healthy as well as delicious. I've seen photos of his culinary accomplishments on his blog, and my mouth watered at the sight. On the other hand, I'd stay away from his corn and peanuts (see the left sidebar of his blog post).

One of my "victims" on Thursday was none other than my friend Sperwer, who had dropped by the Smoo office. After hearing the coworkers' claims of nausea, I called Sperwer up later in the day to ask after his health. His reply wasn't reassuring. Something to the effect of:

"I'm fine, but I've got the constitution of a horse."

In other words, I could have handed him a plateful of pus and cowshit and he'd still have suffered no ill effects. To be fair: Sperwer wasn't casting asperwersions on my cooking: along with other coworkers, he offered his praise. However, earlier in the day, he did needle me about the lack of cilantro in my taco filling. "But I hate cilantro," he added. The man's a nut. He was kind enough to give me a health update the following morning: still no problems. I'll take that to mean I'm in the clear. Whew.

And the reports are true: when seen up close, Sperwer looks like he could rip your head off with one hand.


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