Wednesday, December 21, 2005

folding laundry

It was while I was folding laundry last night that I finally noticed how truly different things have been. A long time ago, laundry was a chore because our household had four guys in it: Dad and three sons. Sorting tee shirts and underwear was a pain in the ass. Now, though, it's only Dad (I've been doing my laundry separately because I brought only two changes of clothing). While that's something of a relief, it's also a bit sad: the simplicity of laundry-folding is a reminder that the nest is now empty.

On a more positive note: I folded Dad's tee shirts with that newfangled Japanese technique I blogged about so long ago (see #26 in that list). The process went quickly and smoothly. I don't think the technique is that much faster than my old folding method, but the saved seconds do add up after twenty tee shirts.

It was good to get back in the folding groove-- kind of meditative.


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