Sunday, June 24, 2012

improv dog food

As you know I'm house-sitting for my buddy Mike and his family. Mike has a lovely old, gray-muzzled dog named Maia, half whippet and half black Labrador. Maia's large-- so large that she makes the floorboards creak when she crosses the floor. A big dog is a big eater; keeping Maia's food bowl full is no minor task.

Unfortunately, I have no idea where Mike keeps his dog food,* so today I winged it: since one of Mike's freezers is stocked full of 1.5-pound rolls of ground meat, I whipped up a concoction of ground beef and canned peas for the dog (peas are fine for dogs: see here). Maia scarfed (wolfed) this down in its entirety within five minutes: she loved it. In fact, I'd say she loved it a hell of a lot more than she loves her regular dog food: her original bowl of regular food took a full day to empty. I had thought this was fast; it was easy to imagine myself taking a whole day to eat a two-pound bag of potato chips. But two pounds of food in five minutes? Incredible. Maia needs to star in her own version of "Man Versus Food." Maybe we'll call it "Man's Best Friend Versus Food."

Now that I know that Maia is a fan of my cooking, I'll have to serve her smaller portions. I don't want her bingeing and purging, after all.

*Mike is on a cruise ship heading to warmer climes, and so is hors de contact for the moment.


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John from Daejeon said...

You might want to check in garbage cans or plastic storage bins for the food as they help keep pests (insects, rodents, and other animals) out of the dog food. It also makes the house/garage look a bit neater by not having dog food bags taking up space in a pantry or on the floor of the garage.