Monday, June 11, 2012

wrong about the bread

Yesterday's visit to Dukem, an Ethiopian-style restaurant in DC, featured a vocabulary lesson. Dr. Steve deduced it first: the mysterious term injera, on the menu, signifies Ethiopian bread. I had told a coworker at YB that Dukem's bread wasn't like the spongy, pancake-y, highly absorbent bread found at most Ethiopian restos; it was closer to naan. Wrong! My memory had betrayed me: Dukem's injera was no different from the bread I had eaten at other Ethiopian joints. I had also described it to a friend as a sort of soda bread, but Wikipedia contradicts me here as well, informing us that injera is yeasty.

So I was wrong about the bread. Wrong on three counts. What's my penance, Father?


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Bratfink said...

Beat yourself with a wet noodle!

(As for your barn swallows, they eat an enormous amount of mosquitoes.

Sorry they are bothersome to you!)