Saturday, June 09, 2012

prep day

I woke up thinking I needed to go to work, then realized that YB Near, my particular branch of YB, isn't open on Fridays. My buddy Dr. Steve is coming over tomorrow; we'll be heading out to an Ethiopian restaurant in DC called Dukem (or "Duke Nukem," as my brother David calls it). I went there a year or so ago with my brother and two other friends; since I was introduced to Ethiopian food in 2000, I've enjoyed it every chance I can get it, and Dukem is fairly popular. (The strikingly beautiful servers are also a plus.)

So today is prep day for me: gotta de-schmutz the carpet and the tile floor, gotta neatify my various rooms, gotta do whatever else needs to be done to roll out the red carpet for my buddy since eighth grade.

I had a really cool brush-painting idea, but I ended up not going with it. I had thought of painting a humorous alternative to the famed Ten Ox-herding Pictures of Zen Buddhism, which I had planned to call The Ten Cat-herding Pictures, in honor of that phrase about how "it's like herding cats." But because I always check Google to see whether anyone else has come up with the same thought, I did so this time... and found this clever piece of art.



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