Monday, March 09, 2015

changement de format

There's been a change in format to my right-hand sidebar, which no longer features all the blog graphics that I had lovingly created over the years. Updating those graphics, as blogs came and went, proved too burdensome to continue, so I've given in to the popular trend and have instead installed a self-updating blogroll with the catchall title "Hirsute Comrades." Some blogs, like my buddy Mike's Naked Villainy, don't appear on the blogroll because those blogs have some sort of funky HTML or CSS that makes it impossible to hook them up to an RSS feed. My blog's new look is less crowded and cluttered, but it's also decidedly boring. I mourn for the loss of the old sidebar graphics, but I think we'll all eventually get used to the new blogroll, which will always automatically show the most recently updated blog on top (in other words, bloggers who don't update frequently will be driven down to the bottom of the roll until such time as they deign to provide updates, at which point they'll shoot to the top).

Welcome to the new, slightly renovated Hairy Chasms. If you never pay attention to the sidebar, anyway, you won't notice a single difference.



  1. Has your religious studies crossed paths with The Holographic Disclosure yet?

    While the graphics aren't great in this short, 14 part series, the ideas presented in just the first video would have rocked me to the core had I come across them as a child and saved me from countless further religious brainwashing while encouraging me to delve into the sciences. It's hard to believe but this explanation of the "oneness" has entirely removed all my previous fears of passing into the so-called religious afterlives.

    Watch a couple of the videos and let me know what you think of them. Hell, I didn't know that I am actually be a closeted Satan/Lucifer worshiper as I am interested in the "light" known as "knowledge." Well, I would be if I believed in such nonsense as god/gods.

  2. Some of my favorite bars are side bars (the ones you enter from the alley).

    I rarely saw past your twitter feed unless I was going to that "place that can't be named", but when I did it made me sad to remember folks who are no longer with us (blogging wise).

    I've been wondering if it is worth the hassle and expense to have my blog better formatted for mobile phone use access.



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