Saturday, March 14, 2015

that third mountain

I've got stuff to do on campus today—things I can't do on my own computer at home because they require that damn .exe electronic certificate—but after I'm done with those tasks, I'm going to take a hike over to the third mountain I mentioned in my "frank" post from a couple days ago (reference here). The second mountain proved to be a bust; the first mountain is half covered by a military base (and thus only half accessible), and this third mountain is the only other potentially hikable mountain that's visible from my neighborhood. There might be other local mountains, but (1) they're not immediately visible, and (2) if they're not visible, it's unlikely that I can just walk to them. I'm looking for something that's foot-accessible, so here's hoping that the third time's a charm.

Shirt update: No word from my supervisor. Going to venture that no news is good news.


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