Friday, March 13, 2015

nailed it! but...

The good news: for the video shoot I did in Yeouido this morning for KMA, I was in the zone and nailed both of my segments in single takes: badabing, badaboom, baby. No mistakes, no miscues: the video director said "action," I rattled off my teaching content, the director nodded in satisfaction after each take, and I didn't even have to stick around to do a photo session: they're going to pull their stills straight from the video. Sometimes I think it's good to have a theater background.

The bad news is that I didn't realize that the tech who wired me up with a mike had forgotten to re-button my shirt near the belt line after he'd threaded the microphone up inside my shirt, to the top of my necktie. My supervisor, reassuringly, thinks my tie covered the sartorial faux pas, but there's a chance that the mistake is visible on camera. If it is... I may have to go back to Yeouido and redo the video from scratch. So right now, I'm dreading the arrival of a text message from my supervisor saying, "Kevin... sorry, man, but your tee shirt is showing. Gotta redo. Can you come back tomorrow?"


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