Saturday, March 14, 2015

love it

Hillary Clinton is the gift that keeps on giving.

Rightie Dr. Vallicella gloomily predicts that the current email scandal will blow over long before election time, and Hillary will come out of this mess even stronger—which strikes me as Dr. V's oblique commentary on the mental state of the American public at large.

I predict that the current controversy will soon be forgotten and Hillary will bounce back more formidable than ever. She looks tired, but she is as hungry as ever. She has Ambition written all over her. Do not underestimate her. The rumors of her imminent political demise are greatly exaggerated. Mark my words! I hope to hell and Hillary that I am wrong.

I think the current controversy will blow over, as Dr. V predicts, but I also think there are plenty more scandals where this one came from. Mrs. Clinton's colon is huge and holds many a fetid treasure. Some scandal will doubtless be plaguing her come late 2016. (Of course, the same holds true for the Republican candidates. As an Aussie colleague of mine once grated, "They're all dirty bastards.")

Thus do we suffer under the "Chinese" curse, for we live in interesting times.

ADDENDUM: Friend Malcolm Pollack links to and quotes an excerpt from a Jonah Goldberg article about Hillary's email scandal that begins satirically and notes that, in a crisis, Hillary brings in all the old loyalists of the ancien régime. I have to wonder whether Goldberg is reading too much into the situation, but his satire is, I admit, hilarious. Frankly speaking, I didn't know Goldberg had it in him to write with such wit.


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