Monday, March 09, 2015

just when you think you're getting a break...

KMA called today and asked whether I could come into Yeouido this Friday to do a video session. I think my KMA supervisor is getting antsy about the low number of registrants for my classes, which he feels need to be marketed harder (to be honest, I agree: when student numbers are low, my hourly pay goes down). Students give my classes excellent reviews, but they apparently don't spread the word. It's in KMA's interest to recruit as many students per class as possible; this justifies the high hourly rate that I'm usually paid (W70,000). I normally get no more than six adult students in a class; most of my classes tend to have three or four students, which is cozy for me, but not so great from KMA's point of view.

So I've been asked to come in at 9AM this coming Friday (which means getting up a bit before 6AM) to make some videos in which, as my supervisor suggests, I'm to "teach the most interesting parts of [my] course." Hopefully, we'll be done before lunch, as I'm supposed to go shopping for my Saturday meal with JW and his family. Didn't want my Friday to be taken up with work-related stuff, but when the boss calls, you gotta come running—especially if you want that paycheck at the end of the day.

I'm also not as free tomorrow as I'd like to be: tomorrow is March 10, the date that I back to Immigration to pick up my new Alien Registration Card. Joy. Another freakin' taxi ride. Luckily, that errand shouldn't take long: just run in, pick up the card, and run out. After that, I'm spending my Tuesday (1) looking up gym prices, (2) checking out the local mountains (I discovered another one that closer to where I live—it was just staring me in the face), (3) walking a few tens of thousands of steps, and (4) working on a KMA curriculum for a class that I may or may not end up teaching.


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