Saturday, March 28, 2015

wassfer lunchie?

I'm visiting my buddy JW and his family on Saturday morning; there's a #7412 express bus that goes from Madu Station, in Goyang City, all the way down to Gangnam Station in the southern part of Seoul. JW says he'll meet me at Gangnam Station; we'll hike a while at a local mountain, then we'll shop around for lunch ingredients, at which point I'm to become his chef-for-hire. I'm a little worried about our timing: lunch is going to happen rather late, and JW's got kids, who probably won't want to be kept waiting.

So what's for lunch?

marinated chicken skewers with satay-style peanut dipping sauce

salmon steak (balsamic/brown-sugar glaze)
fettuccine Alfredo, Kevin-style (with Gorgonzola instead of parmigiano)
garlic bread

Mediterranean salad: spinach base, feta, red onions, tomatoes, quail eggs, olives, cucumbers, raisins, olive oil/balsamic dressing

White cake (or Korean cheesecake), ice cream, and homemade wine-and-berry sauce plus bananas and Nutella ganache on the side

That's the plan, anyway. With JW, nothing ever goes according to plan (he's Korean; Koreans are infamously nonlinear), so what we end up with might not look like anything I've written above. We may end up roasting hot dogs, for all I know.


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