Sunday, March 29, 2015

the equine bringeth no joy

I woke up this morning, stretched... and was attacked by my first charley horse in over twenty years. What's funny is that I had just discussed charley horses with a coworker the previous week, so I guess the gods felt my number had come up for another one. Just a reminder, you see, of what real pain feels like.

Luckily, this one wasn't quite as bad as the incredibly painful charley horse I'd had in my youth: that one paralyzed me so thoroughly that I couldn't even utter a cry of agony. This morning, there was much screaming and grunting as I righted myself, set my foot on the floor, stood up, and angled my body into a stretching posture. The bunched-up muscle was in my left calf (if I recall correctly, my previous spasm was in my thigh). I stretched for a bit, then hobbled over to my satchel, brought out the aspirin bottle, and swallowed four tablets.

It's hours later now. I've spent most of the day in bed, generally afraid to move, just trying to let time and aspirin unclench the knot of muscle in my calf. I'm able to limp around now, and I stretch the leg at random moments. I might even try walking a bit outside later today (no promises). I think I'll be functional by tomorrow.

Just gotta remember to watch those morning stretches.


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