Friday, March 27, 2015

no news is bed news

Normally, I know when a taekbae or yongdal delivery is coming because I have an app that supposedly tracks such things, showing me the delivery phases via an abstract, clock-shaped progress icon. Today, however, my studio's wall-mounted security phone started ringing, as if a pizza delivery had come for me.

"Taekbae!" the guy barked when I picked up the phone. I immediately knew what this was about and buzzed him in: my mattress topper had arrived, and had somehow managed to do so without alerting my package-tracking app. Strange.

A couple days ago, I'd ordered a memory-foam mattress topper to lay atop my current mattress, which is barely an inch thick. While I love my new bed and appreciate that I'm no longer sleeping on the hard, harsh floor, the current setup is still a little too hard for my taste. So, delving once again into the only-sometimes-trustworthy depths of the We Make Price app, I found and ordered this topper, which I'm about to apply to my bed.

Pictures may follow soon. If I'm not fast asleep on my new mattress, of course.


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